Resources for Performers and Educators

Musical Resources

Over the years, Pro Musica Hebraica has received many requests for assistance in locating sheet music by the composers we’ve featured in our concert series. Our goal has always been to make this music more accessible to performing artists, educators and scholars, and the general public. For that reason we are happy to provide this list of resources for individuals and organizations interested in acquiring their own copies of this music for performance or study. The list is not exhaustive, but includes major online digital collections and major library repositories with significant collections available for borrowing and duplication as well as select recent published scores. We will update this list periodically and we always welcome additional suggestions.

Online Digital Collections

  1. The St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music Score Collection, assembled by the American Society for Jewish Music, provides digital copies of 175 compositions by Russian Jewish composers of the early twentieth century.
  2. The Jewish Art Music Collection of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America includes 103 compositions by Jewish composers from a variety of pre-World War II European countries, as well as British Mandatory Palestine.
  3. Chazzanut Online contains a limited number of digital reprints and manuscripts of celebrated East European Jewish cantor-composers.
  4. The International Music Score Library Project/Petrucci Music Library, with over 250,000 public domain digitized scores of classical music.

Major Library Repositories

  1. The Jewish Theological Seminary of America Music Library and Archives contains many published and unpublished works of Jewish art music.
  2. The New York Public Library’s Music Division has a large collection of published Jewish sheet music.
  3. The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research holds the Sidney Krum Jewish Music and Yiddish Theater Memorial Collections, which contain a huge number of published and manuscript versions of Jewish art music by composers from Eastern Europe.
  4. The Library of Congress in Washington, DC has a large collection of published editions of Jewish art music. It can be searched via the general library catalog, accessible here at the Performing Arts Reading Room page.
  5. The Jewish Music Institute of London has a significant collection of sheet music as well as individual composer’s manuscripts held in its Music Library.
  6. The National Library of Israel has an extensive collection of published sheet music and manuscripts of Jewish art music.

Published Scores

  1. Paula Eisenstein Baker and Robert S. Nelson, ed. Leo Zeitlin: Chamber Music (Middleton, Wis.: A-R Editions, 2009).
  2. Yehudi Wyner, ed., The Lazar Weiner Collection, Book 1: Yiddish Art Songs, 1918-1970 (New York: Transcontinental Music, 2011).
  3. Eric Wen, ed., Hebrew Melodies for violin and piano (New York: C. Fischer, 2001).
  4.  Catalogue of Publications of the Joseph Achron Society featuring works for violin and orchestra and violin and piano.
  5. Silvertrust Editions Catalogue, with scores by Alexander Krein, Mikhail Gnesin, Joseph Achron and others.
  6. The Peer Music Publishers catalog of works by composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg.