Hillel Ofek

Executive Director

Hillel Ofek, the executive director of Pro Musica Hebraica, has been involved with the organization since its inaugural concert in 2007. He is also Research Fellow at the Clements Center for National Security at the University of Texas at Austin. Previously, he was an Assistant Instructor at the University of Texas as Austin’s Department of Government, where he taught American politics, constitutional theory, international relations, and European comparative politics. 

Hillel completed his Ph.D. at University of Texas as Austin’s Department of Government. His dissertation examined American’s strategic shift in the late-19th-century through the prism of the day’s profound contest about international justice, as represented by the contrasting moral visions of presidents Grover Cleveland and William McKinley. His M.A. thesis (also at UT) was on the role of honor in international relations. He received his B.A. from Kenyon College, where he studied political science and wrote a thesis, on Edmund Burke’s foreign policy, for which he received Highest Honors. Prior to his academic career, Hillel worked in public relations and journalism, including as Charles Krauthammer’s researcher and Assistant Editor of National Affairs.