Reviving virtually unknown Jewish music is couple’s labor of love

  • Pulse

Some would say that Robyn and Charles Krauthammer do too much, but that’s clearly not the Chevy Chase couple’s perspective.

“We have made it a point in life to do things we really love… Work done in that spirit is not burdensome. It’s actually enjoyable,” explains Robyn Krauthammer on behalf of the duo that has found time amid impressive and non-musical professional careers to create Pro Musica Hebraica (PMH), an organization that brings lost and rarely performed works of Jewish art music to contemporary audiences.
“Through the centuries and across the globe, Jewish composers have created a rich repertoire of concert music that interweaves the sacred and the secular, folk and liturgical themes into one sophisticated artistic tradition,” according to PMH’s mission statement. The organization seeks to represent these composers, their descendants and those they influenced, especially Dmitrii Shostakovich, “as passionate modern artists who embrace the challenge of expressing their Jewishness through the creative medium of music.”

“We both love this project deeply, and we simply find the time one way or the other, despite our obligations,” says Australian-born Robyn Krauthammer, an attorney turned painter and sculptor who exhibits at the District’s Foxhall Gallery. Her husband, who holds a medical degree from Harvard, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, a contributing editor to The Weekly Standard and The New Republic, and a weekly panelist on “Inside Washington.”

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