Board of Directors

Charles Krauthammer

  • Chairman

Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer is co-founder of Pro Musica Hebraica. As president of the Krauthammer Foundation and a founding board member of Washington’s Shoresh Hebrew High School, he has long been a supporter of Jewish education and culture. Continue Reading »

Robyn Krauthammer

  • Chief Executive Officer

Painter and sculptor Robyn Krauthammer is co-founder of Pro Musica Hebraica. Her love of Jewish music led her to form an organization that would take Jewish music beyond the synagogue and life-cycle events and expose the world to the variety and richness of Jewish classical music. For eight years, she has worked as the Chief Executive Officer to make that dream a reality. Continue Reading »

Winthrop N. Brown

  • Treasurer

Attorney Winthrop Brown is the treasurer of Pro Musica Hebraica. A Washington, DC-based expert in international banking and securities law, he is a partner in Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP, one of the world’s preeminent global law firms, and a member of Milbank’s Global Finance practice group. Continue Reading »

Hillel Ofek

  • Executive Director

Hillel Ofek, the executive director of Pro Musica Hebraica, has been involved with the organization since its inaugural concert in 2007. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is studying political science with concentrations in international relations and political theory. Continue Reading »

Jeffery L. Yablon, P.C.

  • Counsel