Washington Examiner Previews Tonight’s Concert

The Washington Examiner previews tonight’s PMH concert, “The Enigma of Paris:”

Marc-Andre Hamelin, one of the world’s most honored pianists, will delve into the creativity of Frederic Chopin and Charles-Valentin Alkan, the two greatest piano virtuosos and composers of 19th century France. The occasion is Pro Musica Hebraica’s program focusing on the composers’ remarkable accomplishments and friendship. Despite being outsiders in their community, Chopin a Pole and Alkan a Jew, they thrived in the world of music centered in Paris.

“Chopin’s music never disappeared but has been part of our culture since his time,” Hamelin said. “Alkan, however, slipped into obscurity until he was rediscovered by two people during the 1950s and 1960s.

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