Mark Glanville and Alexander Knapp, creators of A Yiddish Winterreise, Release New Track. UPDATE: CD available for purchase

Following the great success of Pro Musica Hebraica’s Spring 2011 concert, Mark Glanville and Alexander Knapp continue their startlingly original project to retell and reinterpret the great masterworks of Schubert in Yiddish song. They have now made available “Shma Yisroel,” a track from their forthcoming release of “Di Sheyne Milnerin,” a reworking of Schubert’s cycle of unrequited love:

And stay tuned for more details on an upcoming PMH concert with Mark Glanville, Alexander Knapp, and Julia Melinek in a concert of songs dedicated to the idea of love in Jewish culture from biblical times to the modern age. The concert will be performed at the Kennedy Center in November of 2013.

Update (11/5): Their CD, Di Sheyne Milnerin: Schubert’s Cycle of Loveis now available for pre-order in the U.S. on Amazon.