November 16, at 9 PM on WETA FM: Broadcast of Pro Musica Hebraica’s Concert of Israeli Classical Music

On Monday, November 16, at 9 PM, WETA’s Front Row Washington will broadcast Pro Musica Hebraica’s Winter 2014 concert, Zion’s Muse: Three Generations of Israeli Composers, featuring the young Israeli virtuosos of Ariel Quartet. The award-winning ensemble performed two early classics by the founding father of Israeli classical music, German-born composer Paul Ben-Haim, together with a passionate late 1960s quartet composed by the middle generation master Mark Kopytman on the eve of his departure for Israel, and a moving spiritual meditation by contemporary composer Menachem Wiesenberg.

Washington-area residents can listen on WETA 90.9 FM. Others are free to tune in live on WETA’s website.

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Israeli Classical Music on WETA FM